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Venture Scenario #1: “Second Time Around” Rachael is a 22 year old recent graduate from a Midwest art and design school. Her lifelong hobbies are art and sewing; a craft she learned from her mother and grandmother, both expert seamstresses. While a student, Rachael earned most of her income making and selling fashionable handbags to her classmates and their friends. Three local boutiques are currently selling her creations. These unique handbags are made from discarded articles of clothing. She showed her creations to her design instructor who arranged a luncheon with Rachael and a buyer for a large upscale fashion chain. The meeting went very well with promises of an initial order and further contacts in the trade. Given the current economic conditions, the job market in design or art is limited so Rachael is considering launching a new venture to manufacture not only her handbag designs but other fashion accessory items made from recycled articles of clothing. She is confident that her designs can be mass produced at a cost
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