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Name     Name of Business Profit and Loss Projections Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3 Income Expenses Salary (owner(s) Payroll (employees) Outside services Supplies Repair and Maintenance Advertising Rent (not mortgage) Telephone Utilities Insurance Taxes Interest (on loans) Other Total 0 0 0 Profit 0 0 0 Summary Statement Sources of Capital Owners' and other investments  $-  Bank loans  -  Other loans  -  Total Source of Funds  $-  Startup Expenses Buildings/real estate  $-  Leasehold (rental) improvements  -  Capital equipment  -  Location/administration expenses  -  Opening inventory  -  Advertising/promotional expenses  -  Other expenses  -  Contingency fund  -  Working capital  -  Total Startup Expenses  $-  Security and Collateral for Loan Proposal Collateral for Loans Value Description Real estate  $-  Other collateral  -  Other collateral  -  Other collateral  -  Terms Salary - the compensation you and or partners will receive
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