exam - PAGE 1 MIDTERM I C1401(1 FALL 2003 FIRST EXAM...

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Unformatted text preview: PAGE 1 MIDTERM I C1401(1) FALL 2003 FIRST EXAM - PHYSICS C1401X PROFESSOR SCIULLI SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 ATTENTION: 1. Read this FRONT page while waiting for the exam to begin. Do NOT open either this exam book or the blue book until you have been given permission by the proctor. 2. The proctor will write the remaining time on the board at in- tervals throughout the exam. 3. If you have a question during the exam, quietly ask one of the proctors. 4. When you are told to stop the exam, you MUST immediately put down your pen(cil) and close BOTH the exam and your blue book. Then return your exam to one of the proctors. In- clude your signed handwritten supplementary page. 5. When you turn in your exam, you must show your Columbia ID to the proctor. Please write your name, first name followed by last, on BOTH the front and back covers of your blue book(s). Further Instructions: There are three problems to be answered in the blue book. Make sure your name is clearly written on both the front and back pages of each blue book and which problem answers are inside that book. Note that the first problem is worth slightly less than the others. Give numerical answers with units when appropriate. In order to obtain partial credit, be sure to make clear your reasoning. It is strongly suggested that you read through the exam and answer...
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exam - PAGE 1 MIDTERM I C1401(1 FALL 2003 FIRST EXAM...

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