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ps5 - pret this parameter physically i.e what does it mean...

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APPH4200 Physics of Fluids: Homework 5 may seem unrealistic, and strictly, would require us to consider an additional nondi- mensional parameter not discussed in class, but that is mentioned in the chapter. Extra credit for saying what this parameter is. 2. Consider the thermal energy equation for an incompressible flow satisfying Fourier’s scale and velocity scale. You should obtain one non-dimensional parameter. Inter-
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Unformatted text preview: pret this parameter physically, i.e., what does it mean if it is small or large? 3. Review the deep water equations derived in class. Then, describe the gravity surface waves with viscosity. Assume wavelike solutions, e.g. η = Re { η e i ( kx-ωt ) } , where, η is a complex amplitude, and the frequency ω must be assumed complex. Do the disturbances grow or decay in time? Is this physically reasonable? Verify that the phase speed reduces to the expected value in the limit ν → 0. 1...
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