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It was very difficult to sell high quality printers

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Unformatted text preview: 1993. It became soon one of the most successful printer companies in the USA. During these years, the Asia region and especially China became an important market for my products. But in the last few years, the printer market became more and more a hard ­fought battleground. It was very difficult to sell high quality printers on a market which is flooded by cheap products from other Asian countries. Their advantage is that they can produce and sell their products very cheap in the local market while I have to pay high shipping costs for my printers. This rising costs made it harder to compete within the Chinese market. Until now I produced all printers of my product line in the USA, but the rising costs and falling sales figures forced me to make an important decision. 2. Question: After several trips to China, I saw in China a very good opportunity to establish a production plant to manufacture printers for a reasonable price and to sell them directly on the Chinese market. The reason to establish my new production facility near Shanghai was that this region offers an excellent infrastructure for transports and resources necessary to produce cheap printers. In addition to the new plant I decided to open a new Asian office to control the production and sales of my printers in this region. 3. Question: The Chinese are about 1.3 Billion people who have one of the oldest cultures in the world that was influenced by more than 50 ethnic groups and different styles of religion (e.g. Buddhism and Confucianism) and policies (Capitalism and Communism). Since the mid 1970s China has undertaken an economic transition and cultural liberalization with great success, but there is still the one party...
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