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Paper for Intercultural Management

Paper for intercultural management

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Unformatted text preview: 1. Provide a brief description of your company, its origins and its operations (Size, industry, products, etc.) and give reasons for your decision to go international 2. Decide on an appropriate country in which to operate and give your rationale for this 3. Give a precise cultural profile of the local area you will be operating in abroad. What are the workers going to be like? What kind of reception do you anticipate? How does this profile differ to your own and what do you have to be especially careful about? 4. Elaborate on which cultural variables will influence the communication process the most between employees from your home and host country. Explain how you plan to overcome them. 5. Which differences in non ­verbal behavior do you have to be conscious of in your international venture? 6. Draw up an organizational chart showing the company and its overseas operations and describe why you have chosen this structure. Also explain the HQ – subsidiary control form you will implement. 7. Decide on the staffing policy you will use throughout the organization abroad and give your rationale for this policy 8. Identify the concerns of the host country regarding your operations there. What plans do you have to deal with these and to ensure a productive long term relationship? 9. When negotiating, elaborate on the three pillars of intercultual negotiations by addressing how your home and host culture differ and how you plan to overcome these differences. 10. Make up examples of communication problems that occurred as a result of differing cultures and explain how you overcame them 1. Question: My company produces different types of consumer printers. It‘s located in a city in the western part of America and was founded in...
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