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Paper for Intercultural Management

This fact stands in opposition to the chineses

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Unformatted text preview: chinese business partners and staff several times in advance and discussed with them problems which occurred during the construction phase. Second the cultural dimension is High vs. Low Power distance2. The Chinese culture shows a very high power distance in comparison to the American culture profile. Therefore the chinese employees want to have strong leaders as their head of company. If you want to be sucessful with your chinese business, you have to implement a hierarchical organizational structure to meet the expectations of your chinese working staff. 5. Question: Due to the fact that the Americans are a high individualistic nation we use much eye contact during negotiations and like it to present ourselves in front of a group. We think this is the best way to sell products or present our products and ourselves as the best on the market. This fact stands in opposition to the Chinese’s behavior. As I have explained, the Chinese depend on a 1 2 Source: http://www.culture-at-work.com/highlow.html Source: http://www.geert-hofstede.com/hofstede_china.shtml dense network or group and the reason is that they keep a low profile during negotiations and will act very calm. 6. Question: We had to establish a hierarchical structure in our chinese office and production plant to meet the expectations of our chinese working staff. Because of the High Power distance and the High Context variable in China, the staff needs a head of department who gives them direct orders and leads them like the father as the head of the family. To give them the feeling of a family, half of the heads of department are chinese managers. If we had established a horizontal organizational structure like our HQ in the USA, this may have caused several problems....
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