Ch12 outline (pgs 358-67)

Ch12 outline (pgs 358-67) - Cynthia Garcha English 101C...

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Cynthia Garcha English 101C November 27, 2007 Reading Journal: Collapse Chapter 12 (pp.358-369) I. China, Lurching Giant A. China's Significance a. China's is growing at the fastest rate of any major country; nearly 10% a year. 1. China has the world's highest production rate of steel, cement, aquacultured food, and television sets; both the highest production and the highest consumption of coal, fertilizers and tobacco. b. China's environmental problems are among the most severe of any major country and are getting worse. 1. Air pollution, biodiversity losses, cropland losses, desertification, disappearing wetlands, grassland degradation, and increasing scale and frequency of human-induced disasters, to invasive species, overgrazing, river flow cessation, salinization, soil erosion, trash accumulation, and water pollution and shortages.
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2. The environmental problems mentioned above have also helped caused enormous economic losses, social conflicts and health problems within China. 3. China is also spreading its environmental problems to other areas of the world, because it is the largest contributor of sulfur oxides, chlorofluorocarbons, and other ozone depleting substances to the atmosphere. These aerial and dust pollutants are transported into other neighboring countries atmospheres. B. Background a. China's geography 1. The Chinese environment is complex and locally fragile. Its diverse geography includes two of the world's longest rivers, many lakes, a long coastline, a large continental shelf. The diverse habitats range from glaciers and deserts to tropical rainforests.
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Ch12 outline (pgs 358-67) - Cynthia Garcha English 101C...

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