4 1 a brief history of silicon devices 1960 1962 1966

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Unformatted text preview: tor Devices Lecture 01.4 1. A BRIEF HISTORY OF SILICON DEVICES 1960 1962 1966 1967 1967 1969 1970 1971 1971 1972 1973 1979 1980 1981 1986 ECE 216 Tunneling Hot -Electron Transfer Amplifier THETA (Mead) Metal -Base Transistor (Atalla and Kahng, Geppert) Metal -Semiconductor Field -Effect Transistor MESFET (Mead) Floating -Gate Avalanche -Injection MOS Transistor FAMOS (Kahng and Sze) Metal -Nitride -Oxide -Semiconductor Transistor MNOS (Wegener) Charge -Coupled Devices CCD (Boyle and Smith) Dynamic Random -Access Memory DRAM (Intel) Microprocessor (Hoff and Faggin, Intel) Erasable Programmable Read -Only Memory EPROM (Intel) Static -Induction Transistor SIT (Nishizawa et al.) Surface -Oxide Transistor SOT (Shewchun and Clarke) Insulated -Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT (Baliga) Floating -Gate Tunnel -Oxide Transistor FLOTOX EEPROM (Johnson et al.) Delta -Doped Field -Effect Transistor (Board et al.) Permeable -Base Transistor PBT (Rosencher et al.) Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.5 2. SEMICONDUCTOR PROPERTIES 1. Introduction 2. The Hydrogen Atom 3. Schr¨dinger Wave Equation o 4. Electrons in a Crystal 5. Density of Electron -Energy States 6. The Effective Density of States 7. The Intrinsic Carrier Concentration ni 8. Donors and Acceptors ECE 216 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.6 3. CARRIER MECHANISMS 1. Introduction 2. Random Thermal Motion 3. Carrier Scattering Mechanisms 4. Carrier Drift and Mobility 5. Carrier Diffusion 6. Drift and Diffusion – Einstein’s Relationship 7. Carrier Generation Mechanisms 8. Carrier Recombination Mechanisms 9. Carrier Trapping/Detrapping Mechanisms 10. Carrier Impact Ionization 11. Carrier Injection Mechanisms 12. Carrier Tunneling Mechanisms 13. Hot -Carrier Transport Mechanisms 14. Carrier Confinement and Quantization 15. Carrier Degeneracy and Statistics ECE 216 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.7 4. BASIC SEMICONDUCTOR EQUATIONS 1. Introduction 2. The Current -Dens...
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