Ece216 lecture 01 introduction

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Unformatted text preview: ECE 216 DEVICE PHYSICS FOR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS Lecture 01 Chapter 1 – INTRODUCTION TO SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Professor Hisham Z. Massoud Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Fitzpatrick Building, Room 3521 Duke University, Durham, NC 27708–0291 [email protected] ECE 216 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.1 ECE 216 TOPICS 1. A Brief History 2. Semiconductor Properties 3. Carrier Mechanisms in Semiconductor Devices 4. Basic Semiconductor Equations 5. Metal/Semiconductor or Schottky Barriers 6. PN Junctions 7. Bipolar -Junction Transistors 8. MOS Capacitors 9. MOS -Gated Diodes 10. Long -Channel MOSFETs 11. Short -Channel MOSFETs 12. SOI MOSFETs 13. Floating -Gate MOSFETs ECE 216 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.2 ECE 216 TOPICS 14. Semiconductor Device Characterization 15. Semiconductor Device Reliability 16. Noise in Semiconductor Devices 17. Fundamental Limits and Future Trends 18. SPICE and Compact Models 19. Submicron Device Technology 20. ECE 216 References ECE 216 Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconductor Devices Lecture 01.3 1. A BRIEF HISTORY OF SILICON DEVICES 1876 1926 1931 1938 1947 1948 1948 1949 1950 1951 1953 1955 1959 1959 1960 ECE 216 Crystal Detectors (Braun) Field -Effect Device Concept (Lilienfeld) Theory of Conduction in Semiconductors (Wilson) Metal/Semiconductor Rectifier (Schottky) Point -Contact Transistor (Bardeen and Brattain) Bipolar -Junction Transistor (Shockley) First Experimental Majority -Carrier FET (Shockley and Pearson) Unijunction Transistor (Shockley et al.) Silicon -Controlled Rectifier THYRISTOR (Shockley) Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor (Shockley) Junction Field -Effect Transistor (Dacey and Ross) Field -Effect -Induced Carrier Inversion in FETs (Ross) MOS Capacitor (Moll, Pfann and Garrett) Integrated Circuits Concept (Kilby and Noyce) First Si -SiO2 MOSFET (Ligenza & Spitzer, Kahng & Atalla et al.) Chapter 1 – Introduction to Semiconduc...
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