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Physics 325, Fall 2010 Homework Assignment #12 Due at 6:00 pm on Wednesday 8 December 2010 NO LATE HOMEWORK ACCEPTED. The solutions will be posted to the course website at 6:30 pm on that day. 1. Taylor 9-18 (15 Points) A particle with mass m is confined to move, without friction, in a vertical plane, with axes x horizontal and y vertical up. The plane is forced to rotate with constant angular velocity Ω about the y axis. Find the equations of motion for
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Unformatted text preview: x and y , solve them, and describe the possible motions. 2. M&T 10-8 (15 Points) If a particle is projected vertically upwards to a height h above a point on the Earths surface at a northern latitude . Show that it strikes the ground at a point 4 3 q 8 h 3 g cos( ) to the west. (Neglect air resistance and consider only small vertical heights.) 30 Points Total...
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