Astro 210 Homework 1 - Astronomy 210 Spring 2011 Homework...

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Astronomy 210 Spring 2011 Homework Set #1 Due in class: Friday, Jan. 28 Total Points: 50 points + 10 bonus points Note: Your homework solutions should be legible and include all calculations, diagrams, and explana- tions. The TA is not responsible for deciphering unreadable or illegible problem sets! Also, homework is graded on the method of solution, not just the final answer; you may not get any credit if you just state the final answer! 1. SOHO and the Angular Speed of the Sun: a Web-Based Exercise . (a) [5 points] Calculate the average angular speed of the Sun’s motion with respect to the celestial sphere, as observed from Earth. Express your answer in units of degrees per day. You may simplify the problem by assuming that the Earth’s orbit is perfectly circular. (b) [5 points] Go to the website for the NASA space mission SOHO, which you can find from the course links page or the page for Lecture 3. Look at the real-time movie from the LASCO C3 camera (the blue LASCO images); note that in each image, a circle indicates the location and size of the Sun’s disk, which subtends an angle of about 0 . 5 in diameter. Compare two or more images showing the same star, and find the Sun’s present angular speed with respect to the celestial sphere. Show your work. Compare your answer to your estimate in part (a), and comment on the agreement or lack thereof. 2. Viewed from the Moon, the Earth shows phases. This is in an image of the Earth taken by the Apollo 8 astronauts. If the Earth appears as shown to an observer on the Moon, then: (a) [5 points] What phase does the Earth have? Is the Earth waxing or waning for an observer on the Moon? (b)
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Astro 210 Homework 1 - Astronomy 210 Spring 2011 Homework...

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