Ch12 outline (pgs 367-77)

Ch12 outline (pgs 367-77) - Cynthia Garcha English 101C...

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Cynthia Garcha English 101C Chapter Twelve Outline    Pages 367-77 I. Consequences: Economic costs, health costs, and exposure to natural disasters A. Economic Costs 1. The annual direct losses due to desertification ($42 billion) and the annual losses due  to water and air pollution ($54 billion). The combination of the latter two items alone  costs China the equivalent of 14% of its gross domestic product each year.  B. Health Costs 1. Average   blood   lead   levels   in   Chinese   city-dwellers   are   nearly   double   the   levels  considered elsewhere in the world to be dangerously high and to put at risk the mental  development of children.  2. Smoking deaths amount to about 730, 000 per year and are rising, because China is  the world's largest consumer and producer of tobacco.
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C. Exposure to Natural disasters 1. Dust   storms,   landslides,   droughts,   and   floods-are   closely   related   to   human  environmental   impacts   and   have   become   more   frequent   as   those   impacts   have  increased.  II. Connections A.All of the money given to China from contributing countries is fueling China's 
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Ch12 outline (pgs 367-77) - Cynthia Garcha English 101C...

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