113CHEM-11A-All_1314901124 - Chemistry 11a General...

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Unformatted text preview: Chemistry 11a General Information Fall 2011 Classes: Lectures , MWTh 10-10:50 AM, (Block C), in Gerstenzang 123. Review/quizzes/exams , Weds evenings 6:30-7:50 PM, place TBA Recitations : MTWTh 4:00-4:50 PM, place TBA Instructors: Lectures : Thomas C. Pochapsky, Rosenstiel 655, X62559, pochapsk@brandeis.edu Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 1-2 PM. Recitations : Claudia Novack, Edison-Lecks 120, X62582, novack@brandeis.edu Office hours: MTWTh 3-4 PM Exams: Weds. Oct 5th, 6:30-8:30 PM Weds., Oct. 26th, 6:30-8:30 PM Weds., Nov. 30th, 6:30-8:30 PM Final exam TBA Attendance: Lectures: Lectures will serve as your first introduction to the subject matter. Exams and quizzes will be based on lecture coverage, homework problems and textbook readings. Recitations: Recitation will be held daily except Friday, with emphasis on problem- solving skills required for completion of homework sets. Attendance at lecture and recitation is expected. Supplemental Instruction : Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions are scheduled based on your responses to a survey that assesses your best available times. SI is an opportunity for you to process the course material in small groups. Sessions are led by upper class-persons who have passed this course and know what it takes to do well. Homework: Homework, consisting of problems from the text, will be assigned and posted weekly on LATTE. The answers will be posted one week after problems are assigned, also on LATTE. Homework will not be collected, but if you do not do the homework, you will not do well on the quizzes or exams. Quizzes: A quiz will be given each Wednesday evening at 6:30 , except on those Wednesdays when an hour exam is scheduled. Arrival later than 6:30 will result in an automatic (-) grade on the quiz, no exceptions. You will be given 20 minutes to complete the quiz on your own, after which you will break into small groups of 4-5 students and exchange quizzes with other students in your group for peer review. You will have 30 minutes to discuss solutions with other members of your group. Quizzes are graded, and are given a (+) or () grade based on correctness. Five points are given toward your final grade for each (+) quiz, and no points for (-) grades. The quizzes contribute 10% to your final grade, and are excellent practice for the exams. Exams: There will be three hour exams given during the semester (see Syllabus for dates). I f an exam is missed without a written medical excuse from the Student Health Service or without pre-arrangement with the instructor, a grade of zero will be recorded for that exam. THERE WILL BE NO MAKEUPS FOR QUIZZES OR EXAMS. If the student provides a written medical excuse from the Student Health Service, s/he will receive the prorated average of the quizzes (or exams) that s/he has taken. Bring a calculator and extra writing implements to all quizzes and exams. NO cell phones, iTouches, Blackberries, iPads or any other device capable of remote communication or...
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113CHEM-11A-All_1314901124 - Chemistry 11a General...

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