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1 1 Syllabus – General Chemistry Lab, Chem18a, Fall 2011 Instructor: Milos Dolnik Office: Shapiro Science Complex 00-11A , e-mail: [email protected] Office hours: Mo, Tue, Thu, Fr 3:00 – 4:30 pm and by appointment Learning goals: Students in this course will utilize concepts learned in the General Chemistry lecture course, Chem 11a. Throughout this course students will be introduced to important laboratory techniques and they should develop a good understanding of basic methods used in a chemical laboratory. This course will encourage development of analytical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will learn how to record observations and how to write a good laboratory report. Students will also learn and utilize basic statistical methods when evaluating measured results. Lab lectures: A weekly 90-minute Chem18 lab lecture is scheduled for 9:30 am on Tuesdays. There are two lab tests for the Chem 18a course. See calendar of experiments for the test dates. Lab sessions: The lab sessions are held in Shapiro Science Complex 00-10 from 1:30 to 5:20 pm. You are assigned to one session. Be prompt because each lab period will begin with a prelab talk/discussion. You will purchase a laboratory manual after the first lecture or during the first check-in session in the lab. Please, bring with you cash or personal checks, credit cards are not accepted. The laboratory notebook is available at the University ‘s bookstore and should be purchased before the first check-in session. Grading: Lab reports: Every experiment includes a table with information about how your written work will be evaluated. A report on the experiment is due at the beginning of the next lab period. Late penalties. If a lab report is not turned in on time, the following “late” point deduction will be applied: 2 points - lab report turned in during or immediately after the prelab talk 5 points - lab report turned in during or at the end of the lab period. 10 points - first 24 hours delay 15 points - one week delay 25 points - two weeks delay 35 points – three weeks delay No points will be awarded for a report more than 3 weeks late. The same penalties apply to absent students. If the lab report is turned on time but a part of it is missing then the late penalty for this part is calculated as one half of the complete lab report penalty (example: a penalty for a graph turned in 24 hours after the due deadline is 5 points). At the end of the semester, points for all your written work will be totaled and rescaled to the maximum of 60 "grade" points (60% of your grade weight). Tests: Your score on the two tests (see syllabus) will contribute by 24% to your final grade. Performance: 6% of your final score is derived from your performance throughout the course as assessed by your TA. Qualities to be considered include: laboratory skills, effectiveness and efficiency of the lab work, problem solving skills, independence, tidiness, overall improvement, safety precautions, etc.
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113CHEM-18A-All_1314034992 - Syllabus General Chemistry Lab...

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