113CHEM-121A-1_1314883256 - Chemistry 121a : Fall 2011...

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Chemistry 121a : Fall 2011 Inorganic Chemistry I Instructor: B. Foxman Meetings : MWTh 1100-1150, Volen 119 Text: Miessler and Tarr, Inorganic Chemistry , 4 rd Ed., Prentice-Hall, 2011; Coverage: Chapters 1-3 (Review), 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 (order will vary). Note that short answers to all exercises are provided in the text! Problem solutions will be provided as necessary. Both hand- out and text exercises/problems will be assigned; solutions will be made available . 1 week or so after each assignment; problems will not be collected or graded. Attendance is expected for all lectures. While I welcome questions on lectures and test material, I will NOT be able to answer questions on material you missed because of a casual absence. . Tentative Coverage, 2011-2012 Academic Year It is assumed that the student has had some exposure to a course in inorganic chemistry, or to a course in general chemistry with significant amounts of inorganic chemistry. Accordingly, in order to make the current course at least "advanced" with respect to both the level and breadth/type of coverage, it will be necessary to review introductory material rather briefly. Assignments or other material to aid in reviewing will be provided.
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113CHEM-121A-1_1314883256 - Chemistry 121a : Fall 2011...

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