113CHEM-147B-1_1315320368 - Chem 147b Lecture Syllabus...

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Unformatted text preview: Chem 147b Lecture Syllabus: Textbook: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Applications, and Strategies for Data Interpretation Author: J. Throck Watson , O. David Sparkman Format: Hardcover Publish Date: December 2007 ISBN-10: 0470516348 ISBN-13: 9780470516348 Reading will be assigned with every lecture. Given the limited number of lectures the book is essential to mastering mass spectrometry concepts and theory. In addition, extra credit questions are derived from the assigned reading. Overview: Undoubtedly the most popular analytical method in science, mass spectrometry is utilized in fields ranging from sub-atomic physics to biology. This course will provide you with both a fundamental understanding of modern mass spectrometers and the ability to prepare samples and operate sophisticated instruments. It is expected that by the end of the course you will be able to solve a particular chemistry- or biology-related problem by choosing the appropriate sample preparation methods and mass spectrometer. In each of laboratories 1-10 you will be given the same series of “known” standards (positive controls) and related unknown compounds. By lecture 10 you will have all of the information necessary to indentify your unknowns. It is your responsibility to design and make the appropriate negative control(s) for a given experiment- only by comparing a particular spectrum to that of a negative control can you be sure a peak is there. Your lab reports will emphasize how well a particular mass spectrometer performed with each of the standards, and whether or not you can identify your unknowns from the information obtained in that particular laboratory. The quizzes and exams will reward the ability to choose the “right” mass spectrometer for a given problem....
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113CHEM-147B-1_1315320368 - Chem 147b Lecture Syllabus...

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