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Booker 1 Salena Booker Karen Morris English 1102-K 15 November 2009 Research Essay Annotated Bibliography Siibak, Andra. “Constructing the Self through the Photo selection-Visual Impression Management on Social Networking Websites.” Journal of Psychosocial Research on Cyberspace 3.1 (2009) n. pag . Web. 15 Nov 2009. In this article, Siibak, research colleague and PhD student at the University of Tartu’s institute of Journalism and Communication, makes comprehensible comparisons between sociological theories and how they relate to social networking sites. In her article, she illustrates how presentation of the self and impression management are key factors in online social interaction and Siibak explains how these factors are demonstrated through visual elements on social networking sites and how gender differences are major determining features for choosing specific visual imagery. Siibak’s article clearly shows that visual elements are critical tools in profile management on social networking sites. Her article is very helpful in showing how imagery is a leading design and presentation mechanism in self-presentation. In comparison to other similar articles, Siibak’s article cleverly makes a correlation between actual sociological theory and by making these correlations, she grounds her views of SNS’s in the roots of noted sociological perspectives.
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Booker 2 Wood, Denise. “Real Life Access to “Second Life” Worlds—The Potential, the Problems and Possibilities for a Barrier-Free Future.” The International Journal of Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations. 8.6 (2009)
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research%20annotated%20bib%5b1%5dcomplete[1] - Booker 1...

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