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Toni Leigh Bullard Ms. Weeks Speech Summary 4/27/08 On May 25, 2007, my cousin, Sam Lindsey, gave a third honor graduate speech at our commencement ceremony. This speech was special to me because he described his feelings of excitement and apprehension about the future we all had ahead of us. He delivered this speech in a serious manner, but I knew everything he was saying was purely from his heart. It was at that time when reality set in for me that our worry free times of high school had finally came to an end, and our lives as adults was about to begin. As I sat and listened to Sam deliver the speech, I was extremely proud of him because he stood in front of hundreds of people in the audience and spoke for the Class of 2007 in a mature professional manner. During the speech, he read a poem that he had written from his AP Literature class that encouraged all of his fellow classmates to move into the next phase of life in
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Unformatted text preview: a hopeful positive direction. As he read the poem, he was emotional and had captured everyone’s attention and respect. There were times during the speech that the audience was laughing and other times they were crying. After the conclusion of the speech, he received a standing ovation. The speech gave me as sense of renewed hope for the bright future that college, adulthood, and independence would bring. Sam did a great job delivering the speech because he included the specific personal experiences he had encountered, and he also thanked all of the teachers and parents that had given all of us support and encouragement to help make our journey a little easier along the way. He made everyone in the audience from classmates, parents, and grandparents feel special about the part they had played for making the future brighter for all....
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