ART - Chad Bullard Art Appreciation Ms Donna Hatcher March...

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Chad Bullard Art Appreciation Ms. Donna Hatcher March 7, 2007 If you could go walking one day and meet a cave boy who lived thousands and thousands of years ago, how would you talk to them? You could not use words, because he would not understand. You could not say, “Lets be friends. Tell me all about how you lived. Was it fun to live in a cave? Were you afraid when you saw the huge mammoth? How brave your hunters were to face him with a knife and a throwing dart for weapons!” But you could talk to them without words. You could draw a picture of your house to say, “This is where I live.” The cave boy could draw a picture of a cave. The cave boy could draw a picture of a hunter and a charging mammoth. Art is how relations of thoughts and things combine to form efficiency. What is art? None of us really know what really constitutes for art. So we all just have to take into grasp what we are given because art is something we take for granted. Think about all those black and white movies from the 40’s and 50’s. People now would be very dissatisfied if Spielberg made all his films that way. We as a society are changing and adapting to the new ways of life we are becoming accustomed to. Art is growing and growing with the technology of the future. I believe that art that we come to love and know now will soon be forgotten if people don’t start showing more respect for what we have. The easy way out is the best way we know how to do something. We are
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all artists in some ways. Finding our strengths and putting them into full potential is the hard part. After all, our strengths can help us through any obstacle we set our mind to. Art is comparable to life because sometime art can look or feel alive. Some people can actually see themselves inside a painting. Others can feel the intensities of the color and work. Why is this even related to art? Who knows?
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ART - Chad Bullard Art Appreciation Ms Donna Hatcher March...

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