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Unformatted text preview: Phillip Drummond October 3rd, 2011 Steven Taylor PERS- 2150 Aspects of Art Every person is drawn to art in a different way than everyone else. For example, if I walk by a painting with a lot of colors I am drawn to that specific painting only because of the colors to begin with. The person after me may be attracted to the painting or photograph with only black and white. The way a person is feeling at a certain time can reflect what kind of art they are interested in. That is the way artists create their masterpieces. Van Gogh was in an insane asylum when he painted Starry Night from memory. I believe he was feeling some sort of isolation from the world. Many great artists have been in different states of mind when they have prepared great works of art. I believe any artist that can get out there and present their work in such a manner is very talented. Even if they are the only ones who understand what the purpose of that particular painting, sculpture, or mural is at least they can say that it is their work of art and no one elses. An aesthetic experience is when a person looks at something, or visualizes something in their mind and it gives them the chills. No society that we know of has lived without some form of art. In 1994, two men and a woman were climbing mountains in a region of southeastern France. They came across a large cavern after clearing away rock and debris. Drummond They went farther into the cave, and they found the walls were covered with drawings and paintings. After the images were tested with radiocarbon, they were made in 30,000 B.C.E. and are the oldest paintings to ever have been discovered (Getlein Pg. in 30,000 B....
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ArtPaper[1][1] - Phillip Drummond October 3rd, 2011 Steven...

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