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Axia College Material Christy Villarreal Final Project Matrix Using information from the correlating chapters in Special Education for Today’s Teachers: An Introduction , complete the appropriate sections of the matrix as you proceed through the course. Exceptionality Definition Classification criteria and characteristics Prevalence Associated educational practices Additional information Learning Disability (Week Two CheckPoint) a disorder found in children of normal intelligence who have difficulties in learning specific skills Low achievement in one or academic areas. Distracted easily Processing and social deficits These students do not have another disability Cognitive skill deficits almost 2.9 million children in the United States are classified as having specific learning disabilities In 2001, 1% of white children and 2.6% of non-Hispanic black children were receiving LD-related special education services. Boys outnumber girls by about three to one in the LD category Many of these students are kept in a general classroom Early intervention (PPCD) More one on one help in the classroom or special ed classroom Curriculum based on the needs of children with disabilities Reading problems continue and become more severe It continues into adulthood A test of intelligence is used to determine expected level of achievement AED 222
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Mild Intellectual Disability (Week Two CheckPoint)) sub-average general   intellectual   functioning existing   with deficits in   adaptive  behavior   and manifested   during the   developmental   period Students with an IQ below 70 Low achievement in ALL academic areas Deficits in memory and motivation Poor social skills Defects in adaptive behavior 2004-2005 .84% of students were classified having intellectual disabilities 470000 students are labeled with MID The percentage of school age children declined 10% between 1990-2004 Are included in the general classroom but will also need one
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aed222_appendix_b[1][1] - Axia College Material Christy...

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