Ad. Database Systems Syllabus

Ad. Database Systems Syllabus - Advanced Database Systems,...

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Unformatted text preview: Advanced Database Systems, CSCI-GA.2434-001 New York University, Fall 2011 instructor: Dennis Shasha 212-998-3086 Courant Institute New York University 251 Mercer Street NY, NY 10012 USA Office Hours: 9 PM on Tuesdays or 5 PM Thursdays by appointment September 22, 2011 1 Goals To study the internals of database systems as an introduction to research and as a basis for rational performance tuning. The study of internals will concern topics at the intersection of database system, operating system, and distributed computing research and devel- opment. Specific to databases is the support of the notion of transaction: a multi-step atomic unit of work that must appear to execute in isolation and in an all-or-nothing manner. The theory and practice of transaction processing is the problem of making this happen efficiently and reliably. Tuning is the activity of making your database system run faster. The capable tuner must understand the internals and externals of a database system well enough to understand what could be affecting the performance of a database application. We will see that interactions between different levels of the system, e.g., index design and concurrency control, are ex- tremely important, so will require a new optic on database management design as well as introduce new research issues. Our discussion of tuning 1 will range from the hardware to conceptual design, touching on operating systems, transactional subcomponents, index selection, query reformulation, normalization decisions, and the comparative advantage of redundant data. This portion of the course will be heavily sprinkled with case studies from database tuning in biotech, telecommunications, and finance. Because of my recent research interests, this year will include frequent discussions of array databases, the extension of relational systems to support or- dered data such as time series in finance, network management etc. secure database outsourcing, the ability to use an outsourced database while preserving privacy. 2 Mechanics YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN THIS CLASS TO SIT IN ON THE LEC- TURES. 2.1 Texts and Notes The first text will be used for the first half of the course and the second text in the second half. The notes will be used throughout the course. Concurrency Control and Recovery in Database Systems by Bernstein, Hadzilacos, and Goodman, Addison-Wesley, 1987. ISBN 0-201-10715- 5 Now available for free at: Database Tuning : Principles Experiments and Troubleshooting Tech- niques Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet, Morgan Kaufmann Pub- lishers, June 2002, ISBN 1-55860-753-6, Paper, 464 Pages....
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Ad. Database Systems Syllabus - Advanced Database Systems,...

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