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Biol308 Course Outline generic - Course Outline for...

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Course Outline for Principles of Molecular Biology, Biol308 Course description Principles of Molecular Biology (course description from the undergraduate calendar) Prokaryote and eukaryote genome structure and replication; mechanisms of gene expression and regulation. [Note: BIOL 140 recommended. BIOL 308 is recommended for those wishing a general understanding in molecular biology. Students intending to take several upper year molecular biology courses are advised to take BIOL 208 and 308 concurrently. Required as a prerequisite for the following courses: BIOL 428, 431, 434, 435L, 438, 441, 442, 448. Offered: F, S] Prereq: BIOL 130, 139; Antireq: BIOL 330 The course is delivered through PowerPoint lectures, which are posted on the D2L web site ( Participation in class is strongly encouraged. Course learning objectives By the end of this course you should be able to: - Identify and explain the structure and function of DNA and RNA - Illustrate prokaryotic and eukaryotic genome organization (or structure) and replication - Explain mechanisms of gene expression and illustrate different levels of its regulation Contact information Course lecturer: Dr. Dragana Miskovic, office: ESC 357E Office hours: M-F TBA during the introductory lecture Please email me directly at: [email protected] if you have any questions. Please keep in mind that I might not respond promptly to emails sent on weekends. Resources Course text book Molecular Biology of the Cell (5th edition) by Alberts et al . Purchasing the book is recommended, especially if you plan on taking Biology 331. It is placed on reserve in DC library (for 3 hours). Call number is UWD 1561. Other good molecular biology books include: Cell and Molecular Biology by Karp (Biol 130 textbook) and Essential Genes by Lewin. Course website – includes course information, course notes for lectures, links to relevant web sites, study questions and announcements. Course topics 1
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Introduction – approach to molecular biology Nucleic acid structure functions of DNA; Central Dogma of molecular biology DNA and RNA structure DNA shapes and sizes denaturation and renaturation of nucleic acids Eukaryotic chromatin structure
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Biol308 Course Outline generic - Course Outline for...

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