20101006 soc lec - oct 6/10 SOC - Lecture #4 exam major...

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oct 6/10 SOC - Lecture #4 exam major figures( chap 3) 5o q. Socialization victor the wild boy of Aveyron no physical abnormality, but more like animal than human. raised isolated from human may suffer from the ability to learn culture is a potential socialization has to unleash that potential Spitz -compared children in orphanage , nursery near women’s prison nursing home - mothers cared for the baby, saw the world, what’s going on around them by the age of 2, % ???? orphanage - just 6 nurses, lot less human contact, infants couldn't see what was going on around them, to make them less demanding. higher death rate, more susceptible to infection social isolation increase rate of infection, diseases age of 2,3, only 8% began to speak???? , in 4th year, began to play with genital. *without socialization, human development limited our behaviour is completely biologically based? genes not accounts only for physical, but social characteristics. sociobiology starting point darwin - theory of evolution 1. The characteristics of members of each species vary widely. 2. Species members with more adaptive characteristics are more likely to survive  until reproduction. eg. 더 더더 더더 , 더 더 더더 더더더 . 3. Therefore, the species characteristics that endure are those that increase the  survival chances of the species. The logic of sociobiology
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20101006 soc lec - oct 6/10 SOC - Lecture #4 exam major...

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