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ProblemSet6 - rigid wall W A The plate can only move in the...

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M ASSACHUSETTS I NSTITUTE OF T ECHNOLOGY Department of Mechanical Engineering 2.001-Mechanics and Materials I Spring, 2006 Problem Set 6 Distributed: Wednesday, April 5 ,2006 Due: Wednesday, April 12 ,2006 Reading Assignment. Hibbeler: sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 Solve all the following problems assuming that the materials are linear, isotropic, elastic. Problem 1: A cylindrical tank of radius R, length L, and wall thickness t is made of an isotropic linear elastic material with modulus E, Poisson’s ratio ν , and coefficient of thermal expansion α . At temperature T 0 , with no pressure in the tank, the tank fits without stress between a rigid wall W B and a rigid plate C. A spring of stiffness K fits exactly between the rigid plate C and a second
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Unformatted text preview: rigid wall W A . The plate can only move in the horizontal direction, as indicated in the figure. The tank is free to expand radially. 1) The internal pressure in the tank is brought to a value p . Obtain expressions for the resulting displacement of the plate u C , and for the change in tank wall thickness δ t . What is the radial strain in the tank wall? What is the circumferential strain in the tank wall? 2) The temperature of the wall of the pressurized tank is now increased by ∆ T. What are the new values for u P and δ t ? Problem 2: Hibbeler 5-18 Problem 3: Hibbeler 5-51 Problem 4: Hibbeler 5-67 Problem 5: Hibbeler 5-74 Problem 6: Hibbeler 5-79 C W A W B C W A W B u C L tank spring K 2R...
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