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Business Continuity Resources - Business Continuity...

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Business Continuity Resources As in any business there are external influences which have an effect on the business continuity planning, this holds true also to the City of Kelsey. Each of the external influences has a different role in the event of a disaster. The disaster not only affects the business but the stakeholders of the external influences. Some of the external influences are local law enforcement and the World Bank, each of which have a different role. The City of Kelsey was founded in 1932 by M. Kelsey in the hills of the Northwest Valley; Kelsey offers many of the same amenities as a big city but without losing the small town feel. Kelsey appeals too many due to being an earth-friendly community which promotes a better quality of life for the people in the community. The people who live in Kelsey are encouraged to have a higher quality of life through service to the community, environmental awareness and to live a healthy lifestyle . Kelsey promotes healthy lifestyle through organic farms which supply the restaurants and stores with the freshest foods in the region. Within the City of Kelsey are master-planned communities from the top home builder in the country. The master-planned communities offer country clubs, parks, and golf courses. The surrounding hills of Kelsey provided areas for hiking on several hiking trails. The population for the City of Kelsey is 53,000 in the year 2005, with a breakdown of 27,000 males and 26,000 females. The average age in the City of Kelsey is 39 years old with the majority of people between the ages of 35 to 54. In the year 2003 the average weekly wage was
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Business Continuity Resources - Business Continuity...

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