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Business Presentation Techniques for a Perfect Business Presentation Technicalities are all too often to blame for miscues and failures in today’s Business world. How often do you hear about some on not getting a Job because there was a technicality problem with his or her resume? Unfortunately it happens all the time. I plan on presenting the skills and knowledge from start to finish for a perfect business presentation. Listening is not a skill that most people perform well; on average a person listens at only 25% efficiency (Curtis, 1997), making listening even more important to develop this skill. As human interaction goes, listening is the most important skill in communication. So many opportunities are lost by poor listening skills , not to mention losing valuable time. The importance of listening is immeasurable. Listening is a heavy element of communication, speaking well is not worth anything unless the receiver in a conversation listens just as well. Listening is basically a form of comprehension, if you do not listen than you cannot comprehend what is being said. According to a study by J.D. Johnson (1971) found that listening affects the understanding of a problem, the retention and attention of an individual, and the overall moral of the group (p. 297). As a consequence a good listener has more confidence and is able to have a vision of self-promotion. This is especially important in a job interview, and creates a more positive social environment for ones self. People are always more re4spected when they listen and demonstrate a good attention span. Listening habits are gradually and naturally inhibited over our entire lives. According to Curtis (1997) however, most of these acquired listening habits are undesirable (p.
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64). They are generally described as second nature, or performed with out thought of even doing so. Nevertheless, they can be overcome by observing the common causes of such ineffective
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Business Presentation - Business Presentation Techniques...

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