ws8302 - CH302 Worksheet 8 —How to Systematically Work...

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Unformatted text preview: CH302 Worksheet 8 —How to Systematically Work Harder and Harder Acid Base Calculations Exactly the Same Way: Proof that the Seven Steps to Solving Acid Base Problems Work 1 Remove the spectator ions 2 Are there any strong acids or bases 3 Are there any weak acids or bases 4 Do I neutralize (are there both acids and bases and is at least on of them strong?) 5 Neutralize: convert everything to moles, write down neutralization reaction, perform limiting reagent calculation, convert back to molarity if necessary) 6 Select the appropriate acid base calculation and solve 7 Convert to appropriate final form (pH, pOH, H+, OH-) using 14 = pH + pOH and 14 = pK a + pK b Important: These calculations are based upon the following important assumptions: • Strong acids and bases completely dissociate • Weak acids and bases do not dissociate significantly (typically they will have K values <10-3 ) • The dissociation of water does not contribut4e significantly to pH (concentrations of dissolved solutions are large, > 10-4 , and the K values are not near K w , >10-11 ) In a nutshell, all of these problems are worked at high concentrations for a single equilibrium. When we get to complex equilibria you will learn how to tackle problems for which the assumptions do not hold....
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ws8302 - CH302 Worksheet 8 —How to Systematically Work...

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