exam_1_notes - Managers are like crack dealers o The effect...

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Managers are like crack dealers o The effect of crack is immediate, positive, and certain (it’s not a delayed bonus at the end of the year) o Positive Reinforcement all the time: Praising employers, appreciating & acknowledging employers work, that gives workers immediate, positive, and certain rush making them feel good about themselves Manager job description: o Communicate expectations the company has for the manager & subordinates for the day o Planning, leading, organizing, and controlling daily operations and long term goals o Planning Strategic planning: long term planning Short term o Organizing Add structure Assign teams o Leading Setting an example for employers to willingly follow you Influence Avg. task duration at work = 7 minutes due to crises & distractions Week 2: Fredrick taylor is the father of scientific management Goffman: in the late 1940a early 50s wrote “Asylum” Key concepts: props, rituals, the “self” and deference Life is like a house of cards Goffman (1959) “presentation of self in everyday life” A dramaturigical analogy for life… We are all ACTORS On a STAGE In a PERFORMANCE Before an AUDIENCE Who is our audience when we are alone? Tactic Desired Identity Image Self-promotion Competent Ingratiation Likable Exemplification Morally Worthy Supplication Helpless Intimidation Feared Self-promotion paradox- wait til close to promotion time to step up game Ingratiators’ dilemma- too much, make ppl think u a suck up
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exam_1_notes - Managers are like crack dealers o The effect...

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