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3/22/11 Dr. Cleveanger played a game enigma about how 1 time/single use plans are more valuable than we give them credit for Rational optimizing decision making model o Identify the problem o Identify all alternatives o Identify all criteria o Weight all criteria o Evaluate each alternative for each criteria o Calculate a weighted average for each alternative Use the model above for decisions with big costs/risks to you Bounded rationality: restricted from considering all things We as humans can’t use the rational decision making model because: We’re limited on time and have bounded rationality
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Unformatted text preview: Satisfying decision making model: For busy people For decision making that won’t make that big of difference if you mess It up The cost to recover is easy Intuitive decision making model: One time/single use Using intuition Cognitive complexity: the study of how people make intuitive decisions through experience Implicit favorite: You want something, and go back to find reasons why this is the right decision for you. Rationalizing for something you want...
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