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4/5/2011 22min.-27min.: communication model Sender of message encodes message Sends it through channel to receiver who then decodes the message Channel must have richness (face-face is richest) Then comes feedback Example used for miscommunication: senders: apple, receivers: banana FAD: feedback attribution denial: putting fault on the other person when you’re trying to explain something to someone and they don’t understand instead of blaming ourselves and vice versa Yellow card: One person speaks at a time Be articulate Speak DIRECTLY to that person 4/12/11 Multiple raters (multiple interviewers) is key to interviewing process (avoiding the interviewee’s advantage of the interviewer’s feel of being a “good judge of character” Structured Interviewing: multiple raters, in the same room, all hearing the same
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Unformatted text preview: responses, and interviewer’s asking the same questions to every candidate • Employment process/interview is LEAST valid, least reliable, yet most relied upon, because we believe we are good judges of character • Type 1 error: reject presumption of innocence (didn’t hire someone who would have turned out to be good) • Type 2 error: fail to reject presumption of innocence • FAB: feedback avoiding behavior: managers have a tendency to avoid giving negative feedback on a timely manner to subordinates, overall they tend to delay that and dislike giving bad news • MBO: management by objectives: set goals for employee to work toward. Goals should be achievable, attainable, challenging, jointly set, measurable, time bound, morally worthy...
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