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8 - g McGIaw-Hili‘s Canned r G...

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Unformatted text preview: g McGIaw-Hili‘s Canned (- r; G ‘Qconnect.mcgraw-hill.com/connect/studentPerformance.do?viewMode=tesult — __{lll'lfl': Questimfl: naxt;| % award 1 out of 1 point Sexton Corp. has cunent liabihties $330,000, a quxck ratio of 1.4, mventory turnover of 3.3, and a cunent ratio of 2.5. Requiled: What Is the cost of gouds sotd for the company? [Do not include the dollat sign {5].} Cnstdgoodssnld ammo Worksheet Dwfficuny: \ntermediate —' ‘t—w—l b ‘| ProjecManGmdeLma " H0,ijecLP|an,in....doa ‘ Lib Team Sandbt,26,Fall....zip " Reflecliamjeponnm ' E43 mm,1.doc '1 {Showalldmnlnathu X ...
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