BA 642 - FINAL EXAM - essay3 answer

BA 642 - FINAL EXAM - essay3 answer - P a g e | 18 3.)...

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Page | 18 3.) Apply effective and ineffective team learning skills to analyze two hypothetically evoked cases. In each case, analyze the reasoning for the strategic choices and the respective reasons for success or failure within the given contexts.
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Page | 19 Introduction A team is a group of people who must cooperate with each other to accomplish their work. A team normally has got common goals. Elements of a team are reason for working together, complementary skills, common approach, group accountability, and a belief that working together will lead to more effective results than working alone. By reviewing the fundamentals, an ineffective team can transform itself into a high- performance one. Effective teams work on meaningful projects, not trivial details. The best way to learn to create is by creating (Robert Fritz). Practice is always more important than theory. Creating and sustaining effective teams also follow the same principle. You learn how to build effective teams by working with them. Team means pulling together. When we think of a team of horses, we imagine them pulling a plow or a wagon. Similarly, a work team is a group of people pulling together in the same direction. We form a team for a reason and we expect an outcome from it. This distinguishes teams from groups of people who merely meet or socialize. A team wants to achieve something together. Members of a team contribute to the success of the team by using their unique skills
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BA 642 - FINAL EXAM - essay3 answer - P a g e | 18 3.)...

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