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DSS-Final Exam - IS 480 Final Exam Mark NAME: ID: . PART 1:...

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IS 480 Final Exam 1 NAME: ……………………………………… ID: .……………………………………… PART 1: CIRCLE THE CORRECT ANSWER 1. An office supply company combines electronic orders from fifteen small offices into a single order, which results in a lower price for each of the small offices. This is an example of the _______________ EC model. a. dynamic brokering b. group purchasing c. electronic tendering d. customization and personalization 2. In a University Information System, the layer that implements the relevant business rules (such as no of hours allowed per semester, validation of perquisite courses, etc) is called a. resource management layer b. client (user) layer c. applications logic layer d. presentation layer 3. META Company uses the Internet to pay for Zakat online and also to report its sales. This is an example of a. G2G e-commerce b. G2B e-commerce c. B2G d. e-Procurement 4. ABC is a website that offers access to electronic books database. ABC customers pay a monthly access fee for this service. This is an example of the ________ revenue model. a. subscription fee b. transaction fee c. advertising fee d. affiliate fee Mark
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IS 480 Final Exam 2 5. A service provider that provides experts who determine whether an item is original and described accurately is called: a. an identity verification service b. a grading service c. a feedback forum d. an authentication service 6. The process of determining whether a card is active and whether the customer has enough funds for the purchase is called: a. settlement b. approval c. authorization d. procurement 7. matching.com matches specified customer needs against a database to find a suitable product at the lowest price. This is an example of the: a. reverse auction b. electronic tendering model c. find-the-best-price model d. name-your-price model 8. The service which provides connectivity among merchants, customers, and financial networks enabling authorization and payments is called the: a. issuing bank b. payment processing service c. merchant d. acquiring bank 9. The technology used for registering and searching web services is a. XML b. UDDI c. WSDL d. RPC
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DSS-Final Exam - IS 480 Final Exam Mark NAME: ID: . PART 1:...

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