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E-commerce Marketing Concepts questions

E-commerce Marketing Concepts questions - Chapter 7...

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Chapter 7 E-commerce Marketing Concepts 1) Amazon.com is an example of a company that uses affiliate marketing. a) True b) False 2) Transaction logs are built into Web server software. a) True b) False 3) REI used which of the following market entry strategies? a) First mover b) Strategic alliance c) Fast follower d) Brand extender 4) _________ is the process of getting customers to pass along a company’s marketing message to friends, family, and colleagues. a) Affiliate marketing b) Viral marketing c) Brand leveraging d) One-to-one marketing 5) The online activity engaged in most frequently by the most online users is: a) using e-mail and instant messaging. b) accessing entertainment information. c) researching products and services. d) reading news. 6) Which of the following is the major concern of Internet users about purchasing online? a) Security of credit card information b) Privacy of personal information c) Shipping costs d) Product quality 7) A survey question that asks how many adults there are in the household is an example of which type of survey question? a) Likert b) Demographic c) Open-ended d) Ranking 8) ________ are a key component of permission marketing a) E-mail addresses b) Cookies c) Web bugs d) Referrals 9) DoubleClick is best-known for its: a) customer relationship management system. b) data warehouse system. c) advertising network. d) collaborative filtering system.
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10) A _________ is a repository of customer information that records all of the contacts that a customer has with a firm and generates a customer profile available to everyone in the firm with a need to know the customer. a) customer service chat system b) customer relationship management (CRM) system c) data warehouse d) transactive content system 11) The richness made possible by e-commerce technologies does which of the following? a) It reduces the cost of delivering marketing messages and receiving feedback from users. b) It allows video, audio, and text to be integrated into a single marketing message and consuming experience. c) It allows consumers to become co-producers of the goods and services being sold. d) It enables worldwide customer service and marketing communications. 12) Which of the following data cannot be gleaned from a Web site’s transaction log? a) The pages users visit most b) The e-mail address of a visitor who is using a dial-up modem c) The date and time of a user’s visit d) The operating system of the visitor’s computer 13) Studies have shown that the more time people spend on the Internet: a) the less time they spend using traditional media. b) the less time they spend talking with family and friends face-to-face. c) the more time they spend working while at home. d)
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E-commerce Marketing Concepts questions - Chapter 7...

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