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Essay on IT Professionals exam essay3 - Essay on IT...

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Essay on IT Professionals Code of Ethics for IT Professionals The Information Technology profession has developed over the years to meet the need for IT services delivered on a professional basis. In order to satisfy this need, IT professionals and the quality of service they provide must command the confidence and respect of the public. This can only be achieved if IT professionals establish and maintain a reputation for both integrity and competence. The challenge in the newly emerging arena of ever-changing technology is to set an example of ethics to be held and practiced. There is also a professional code of conduct for computer professionals developed by the Association for Computing Machinery, a society of individuals who teach and work in the field. This code applies only peripherally to users and managers who may work with technology but who do not consider themselves professionals. Ethical considerations include concerns that: Data in the organization should be used for its intended purpose and the intended purpose should be legitimate. Monitoring of workers should be undertaken with their consent, and the data should be used to help rather than punish the workers involved. Systems and services made available to individuals external to the firm should behave as specified and cause no harm to others. Systems within the firm should not be guilty of harassment. Appropriate privacy should be maintained; for example, e-mail files should not be read by individuals not involved in the exchange of messages.
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Essay on IT Professionals exam essay3 - Essay on IT...

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