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FINAL EXAM - MIS 637a - Final Examination MIS 637...

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Final Examination MIS 637: Information Technology For Management PART I: MULTIPLE CHOICE: Select the best respond to each of the following multiple choice questions. No. Questions AnsA AnsB AnsC AnsD 1 _________ is the time required to retrieve data from secondary storage and move them to primary memory. access time electronic time index time legacy time 2 What are the alternative procedures available for temporary or emergency use in case of system failure known as? background program encryption central processing backup 3 Transmission that is serial, having one character at a time, is referred to as ____________: EDI identifiers knowledge base character mode 4 ____________ is usually represented as a digit, usually a 0 or 1. digital emulation fiber optic graphics 5 Which of the following uses a combination of hardware and software to make one computer device perform like another? index drive managerial control emulation redundant array of disks 6 Which of the following is NOT one of the three main forms that information technology is applied to? processing storing interpretation transmitting information 7 Today's computers are used extensively for data storage, computation, and which of the following? networks output input communications 8 Which of the following describes individuals and computers linked together, that are changing the way we think about doing business? communication input networks output 9 Most T-form organizations will use communications technology to form temporary task forces that are focused on which of the following? management matrix networks a specific project 10 Managers are challenged with decisions about all of the use of technology to the creation of alliances and the promotion of sales the selection of systems to
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the following EXCEPT: design and structure the organization partnerships that include electronic linkages support different kinds of workers 11 Which of the following is
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FINAL EXAM - MIS 637a - Final Examination MIS 637...

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