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What'sBest! 4.0 Status Report 4/3/00 9:55 AM Memory Allocated: 8192 Reduction has been turned off CLASSIFICATION STATISTICS Current / Maximum --------------------------------------------------- Numeric 98 / 256000 Adjustable 7 Constraints 12 Integers 0 Optimizable 25 Nonlinear 0 Coefficients 52 Model Type: LINEAR The smallest and largest coefficients in the model were: 1.0000000 99999999. The smallest coefficient occurred in constraint cell: Sheet1!C4 on optimizable cell: Sheet1!C4 The largest coefficient occurred in constraint cell: Sheet1!G6 on optimizable cell: RHS Tries: 5 Infeasibility: 0 Objective: 490 Solution Status: GLOBALLY OPTIMAL. Solution Time: 0 Hours 0 Minutes 2 Seconds Blank cell warning has been turned off. End of report.
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Arc data: Origin: F1 F1 F1 F2 DC W1 W2 Dest: F2 DC W1 DC W2 W2 W1 Total cost: 490 Cost: 2 4 9 3 1 3 2 Upper Bnd: 10 99999999 99999999 99999999 80 99999999 99999999 Net #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? #NAME? Node or
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wbest03_Distribution_unlimit - What'sBest! 4.0 Status...

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