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! Parametric or sensitivity analysis of the RHS of the Wyndor model; SUBMODEL Wyndor: MAX = TotProf; [Profit] TotProf = PCDoor*X1 + 5*X2; ! Production time; [Plant1] X1 <= 4; [Plant2] 2*X2 <= 12; [Plant3] 3*X1 + 2*X2 <= 18; ENDSUBMODEL CALC: ! Do parametric analysis the Profitability of the Doors product; @SET('TERSEO',2); ! Turn off default output;
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Unformatted text preview: @WRITE( ' PCDoor Doors Windows Total Profit', @NEWLINE(1)); PCDoor = 1; @WHILE( PCDoor #LE# 10: @SOLVE( Wyndor); @WRITE(' ',@FORMAT(PCDoor,"4.0f"),' ', @FORMAT(X1,"5.2f"), ' ',@FORMAT(X2,"5.2f"), ' ', @FORMAT(TotProf,"8.2f"), @NEWLINE(1)); PCDoor = PCDoor + 1; ); ENDCALC#...
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