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Portfolio Project Jennifer Davis 8/22/11 COM321: Communication Theory Duvan Arsola My motivation for studying communication is to learn how to better communicate with people. People sometimes have problems getting their point across to other people. I feel if people learn how other people are receiving what is trying to be told to them then maybe they
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can change the way they are trying to get thier point across for other people to understand what they are trying to say. I learned from this course that Aristotle, saw great potential in one person addressing a group of people. He believed that  communication is an art to be studied and that good speaker was not only persuasive, but also ethical. He stated that all public  presentations are some balance of three rhetorical proofs: ethos (ethical), pathos (emotional), and logos (logical). Baxter and Rawlins say that there are three dialectical forces that must be in balance for the relationship to be successful. The dialectical forces are called expressive-protective, autonomy-togetherness, and the novelty-predictability dialectics. Expressive-protective dialectic involves a balance to share personal information and the need to a little privacy. Autonomy- togetherness dialectic describes how interdependent they want to be with each other. There needs to a balance of togetherness and being apart from each other. Novelty-predictability dialectic is how individuals interact with each other and they fall into patterns of behavior. After time these behaviors become predictable and they spend most of their time repeating old routines. This
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communication paper - Portfolio Project Jennifer Davis...

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