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Kohlberg Stages - using parents morals as a standard 4...

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Kohlberg Stages Pre-conventional level- children only think of themselves and what they want. Conventional level- people start to make judgments about what is right and wrong. Post conventional- we make moral decisions based on the rules, laws and their own moral beliefs. Kohlberg’s six stages 1. Heteronymous morality- this is in the pre-conventional level and children see morality as a punishment if they do wrong. 2. Individualism, instrumental, purpose and exchange- level one, children start to realize that think if they are nice to people they will more likely be nice to them. 3. Conventional reasoning - This is when older children start to form their own morals based on
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Unformatted text preview: using parents morals as a standard 4. Social systems morality- Children/teenagers begin to see that there are rules and laws that must be followed. 5. Post conventional reasoning- people know the laws and rules but start to question some of them. 6. Universal ethic principles- People know what is right and wrong but sometimes have their own morals that don’t agree with all of these rules and laws. I do think that the theories are still used today to better understand how children are thinking....
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