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Physiological Without literacy education you would not be able to meet these needs because you would not be able to communicate in order to get a job. Safety and Security Needs If you cannot read you will not be safe because you cannot read warning signs or labels that tell you not to do something that could harm you. Love and Belonging Taking a literacy class where you can meet people who have the same interests that you may have. It would help you find friends who have things in common with you. I feel you need to be able to read in order to get to places to meet people and feel like you fit into the group.
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Unformatted text preview: Esteem Literacy plays a big role in your self esteem, if you dont know how to read you may become embarrassed because you do not fit in with the others around you. Self-Actualization Being able to read you can then learn about other cultures beliefs that people around you may have and become a well rounded person because you understand about your beliefs as well as others. Maslow's hierarchy of needs. (2011, September 8). Retrieved September 9, 2011, from Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia: %27s_hierarchy_of_needs...
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