Organizational Skills Assessment

Organizational Skills Assessment - Admit your mistakes-no...

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Organizational Skills Assessment Jennifer Davis 9/5/11 COM321: Communication Theory Duvan Arsola
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Work-Content skills Be prepared for work-come to work ready to work Work diligently-must work hard in order to do a good job Work safely-so you don’t get injured or injure someone else Ask questions-everyone doesn’t know everything better to ask than make a mistake Be willing to take on additional responsibilities-makes a good impression on your boss Do a good job-must do this to keep your job Make a good first impression-you are judged by your first encounter with someone Keep a positive attitude-doing this makes the job easier
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Unformatted text preview: Admit your mistakes-no one is perfect Let people know whose idea it was-give credit where credit is do Personal Attributes Always be on time-this is needed to do a good job Respect other-must be able to get along with others Use appropriate language-being able to communicate affectively Technology Trained as a nursing assistant-training will come into play because I know how to deal with many people Computer literate-be able to use the computer without much assistants Taking many classes to improve my skills...
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Organizational Skills Assessment - Admit your mistakes-no...

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