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The No Communication experiment

The No Communication experiment - with what they were doing...

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The No Communication experiment I did my experiment when a group of family members got together. Most of them were drinking and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but there were a few who did notice that I was not being myself and became concerned when I was not talking to anyone. They kept asking me question about what’s was wrong with me and I would not respond. Eventually they asked my husband what was wrong with me and he then started to ask me questions this is when I had to end the experiment. I let them know what I was doing some of them just chuckled and went on
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Unformatted text preview: with what they were doing but the few that were concerned were very affined that I would do something like this to them. I now understand how non communication can really hurt a relationship. The people that really cared about me were concerned that something was wrong and the others who did not pay any attention to what was going on could have cared less. We must have some kind of communication with the people around us because that is what makes us all human....
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