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Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus (1604) [Dramatis Personæ: FAUSTUS. VALDES and CORNELIUS, Friends to Faustus. WAGNER, Servant to FAUSTUS. Scholars, Friars, and Attendants. MEPHISOPHILIS, a demon Good Angel, Evil Angel, Devils Chorus.] [Scene 1:] Enter Faustus in his Study. Faustus Settle thy studies, Faustus, and begin To sound the depth of that thou wilt profess; Having commenced, be a divine in show, Yet level at the end of every art, And live and die in Aristotle's works. Sweet Analytics 'tis thou has ravished me: Bene disserere est finis logicis . Is, to dispute well, Logic's chiefest end? Affords this Art no greater miracle? Then read no more, thou has attained the end; A greater subject fitteth Faustus' wit. Bid Oncaymaeon farewell; Galen come: Seeing, Ubi desinit philosophus , ibi incipit medicus , Be a physician Faustus, heap up gold, And be eternis'd for some wondrous cure. Summum bonum medicinae sanitas : The end of physic is our bodies health. Why, Faustus, has thou not attained that end? Is not thy common talk sound aphorisms? Are not thy bills hung up as monuments, Whereby whole cities have escaped the plague, And thousand desperate maladies been eased? Yet art thou still but Faustus, and a man. Wouldst thou make man to live eternally? Or, being dead, raise them to life again? Then this profession were to be esteemed.
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Physic farewell. Where is Justinian? Si una eademque res legatur duobus , Alter rem alter valorem rei A pretty case of paltry legacies: Exhaereditari filium non potest pater nisi Such is the subject of the institute And universal body of the Church. His study fits a mercenary drudge, Who aims at nothing but external trash, The devil and illiberal for me : When all is done, divinity is best; Jerome's Bible, Faustus, view it well: Stipendium peccati mors est . Ha! Stipendium The reward of sin is death: that's hard. Si peccasse negamus , fallimur , & nulla est in nobis veritas . : If we say that we have no sin, We deceive our selves, and there's no truth in us. Why then belike we must sin, And so consequently die. Ay, we must die an everlasting death. What doctrine call you this, Che sera , sera , : What will be, shall be? Divinity, adieu. These Metaphysics of Magicians, And Necromantic books are heavenly; Lines, circles, scenes, letters and characters, Ay, these are those that Faustus most desires. O what a world of profit and delight, Of power, of honor, of omnipotence Is promised to the studious artisan? All things that move between the quiet poles Shall be at my command. Emperors and Kings, Are but obeyed in their several provinces: Nor can they raise the wind, or rend the clouds; But his dominion that exceeds in this, Stretcheth as far as doth the mind of man. A sound magician is a mighty god:
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