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ENGR201_LabPolicies_30Mar2011 - Lab Policy ENGR 201 EPED I...

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Lab Policy ENGR 201 EPED I 201035 Drs. Chmielewski and Miller 1. Lab Books - All students must have individual, bound lab books 2. Lab Attendance a. You must attend the lab section in which you are registered. Please arrive on time and prepared. b. There will be no make-up lab sessions. c. You may have one unexcused lab absence in a term or else you will be unable to complete the course. d. Absences are excused if you are away due to illness (please present doctor’s excuse), death in the immediate family, or you are representing Drexel University at an event that can’t be missed. Interviews are not reason for excused absences, reschedule the interview. If you have an excused absence from a lab, you should use data from any lab group that performed the experiment to prepare your own report. Only data, not report text, can be shared. The maximum grade will be 75%. The report is due at the same time as all other reports for this lab from your laboratory section.
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