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ENGR 201 Laboratory 1 Fall 2011-201115 Grading Rubric Objective: The objective of this document is to provide high level guidance for the submission of Laboratory report 1. Format of the report: Reference the document titled Generic Lab Report Comments in the Laboratory Items Folder in BBVista. You report must follow this format including page numbers and table of contents. Remember data goes in Appendix. Submission of report: Only one laboratory report is to be written by each group; however each group member must upload a copy of the group report to BBVista. See the instructions in the Laboratory Items Folder (Archiving lab Documents). Specifics of Lab 1: Consider the following questions or comments when writing your report: What does your measured data tell us about the sizes of the washer I.D., O.D. and ball bearing diameter? For a given measurement such as the washer I.D. with the calipers what does the each of the group members’ data tell us? What does the combined data (80 to 90 measurements) for the entire lab tell us about
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