Chem Lab 3

Chem Lab 3 - Students TAs name: Louis Scerbo Name: Evan...

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Unformatted text preview: Students TAs name: Louis Scerbo Name: Evan Kahl Section # CHEM101-92H Experiment #4 Date of the experiment: 10/28/2010 Spectroscopy Drexel University Fall 2010 INTRODUCTION The electrons of an atom are contained within specific electron clouds that surround the nucleus of the atom. The electron clouds represent where an electron is most likely to be found. Each of these clouds, or orbitals, are related to a specific energy level for the particular electron contained. The farther away an electron is from the nucleus, the higher the energy level and orbital it is contained in. When at rest, the electrons in an atom arrange themselves in the "laziest" way possible, using the least amount of energy; this is called ground state. When in ground state, electrons fill the lowest electron orbitals, and avoid filling the higher orbitals because it requires more energy. Electrons do not always stay in their ground state, however. If enough energy is transferred to an electron, it will absorb that energy and move to a higher orbital. The energy that the electron absorbs is electromagnetic energy, light. When an electron is in a higher energy level than its ground state, it is said to be in an excited state. Electrons do not remain in their excited state forever. Eventually, the electron will return to a lower energy level/orbital, and in the process it will emit an amount of electromagnetic energy that is proportional to the change in energy levels. This electromagnetic energy can be observed most commonly as visible light, but...
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Chem Lab 3 - Students TAs name: Louis Scerbo Name: Evan...

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