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ENG 101 Assignments Description F2010

ENG 101 Assignments Description F2010 - English 101...

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English 101: Expository Writing and Reading Fall 2010 Professor: Dr. Marianallet Mendez Core Assignments Description In this class you will be responsible for several formal and informal written assignments. These assignments will be completed at home, in the classroom, online and even in my office. As you see, the content and requirements of this course will not be limited to classroom settings, so be always prepared to present your work at different settings and even in different formats. This course includes five major components: a Literacy autobiography project (15 points); an Exploratory research project (40 points); a Portfolio project (15 points); Informal writing/Peer review (15 points), and In-class participation/work (15 points). You will be writing a minimum of 3-5 pages (around 1100-1800 words) weekly and towards the goal of understanding better the topics discussed in class, understanding your own writing process, and of course, meeting the Freshman Writing Program/course requirements. Be aware that the assignments’ difficulty increases as the quarter progresses. You will receive feedback from myself and/or your classmates throughout the quarter, and these comments should be used to help you make decisions about your next assignment and the writing process overall. Regarding grades, you will receive a grade per major component completed. This does not mean that all your weekly work regardless of the nature does not count, it does count towards your final grade, but you will not receive an individual grade per piece of writing submitted. Instead, you may receive some comments from your classmates or me. In any case, it is important to remember that, as stated in the weekly schedule, we will collectively come up with the evaluation criteria to be used for the major writing projects. Be also aware that all steps of each major project (literacy, research, and portfolio) must be completed to be eligible to receive a grade. Regardless of how you approach your projects, you should demonstrate the following, in line with the course goals and learning outcomes: A clear understanding of audience and purpose : Your audience members will be expected to ask, “So what? Why am I reading this?” Your projects should answer those questions A well-articulated and clear main point or thesis A commitment to revising your project from invention to completion Research and evidence appropriate for the project, incorporated correctly and cited accurately Clear organization Attention to grammatical and stylistic elements appropriate for college-level writing Adherence to the conventions and guidelines of the project (due dates, length, format, etc.) It is important you follow the instructions given when completing each assignment. If you have any questions, please contact me before the assignment is due. In addition, all assignments must include page number, be typewritten, double-spaced, left aligned, 11-12 point font, and stapled/clipped. In short, all assignments must follow the Modern Language Association manuscript format. Check the
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